Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Last month, I was contacted by Maxim to do a few illustrations for an upcoming feature about a soldier's recollections of war in the Middle East.

I was drawn to the psychological intensity of the piece, and tried to put some of that into this illustration. I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring this, so I was a little bummed when I found out that the editors decided not to run it, even after several rounds of changes (note: this is my original version), because it didn't portray the American soldiers in a flattering enough light. I understand, though I was pretty bummed out about it.
Sometimes good work gets killed for no great reason. A couple other examples of pieces that never saw print in their commissioned publications are "Nobody Move," and "Sex in the Digital Age," which were both assigned by Playboy ("Nobody Move" eventually was used on the cover of Communication Arts, softening the blow to my fragile ego.)

It doesn't bother me very much when something like this happens, although I would really have liked to see what this piece looks like on the printed page.

Have a great week!



Jackson said...

Beautiful work Frank!

Ermes juegos de vestir said...

your work are amazing i saw all i like very much i wanna draw like you

umanski said...

Great work with soldier, really reflect the feeling of fear.

nkelley said...

Saw your work in Atlantic, Mar '13, "elegy for the minibar". Nice. Led me to check out the rest of your work online. Color balance & harmony great. I envy your draftsmanship! Will follow, thanks! Norman Kelley.

Anonymous said...

I just saw "Nobody Move" while checking in Communication Arts at my college library. It's a great piece. I want to draw like you.