Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Star Wars Mondo Tees - Luke's Destiny Screen Print

Earlier this year, I was approached to do a piece for a Mondo Tees' Star Wars limited edition print run.

While I always enjoy making Star Wars imagery, this one offered an interesting challenge, because it would be a two by three foot poster.

I knew that getting started, I would want to choose a composition that would complement the finished size of the piece. This is in contrast to the Star Wars Galaxy cards I did a while back, which were made to be seen small.

One particular scene stood out in my mind: Luke, being confronted by Vader, making the fateful decision to leap and potentially fall to his death, rather than compromise his values and betraying his friends.

I wanted the composition to make the viewer feel that hopelessness for Luke - that there was really no easy solution to the moment at hand, so I placed him high up on the page, peering down into the abyss, while Vader beckoned him to join the Dark Side.

For Vader, I had been looking at a lot of Bernini sculptures, and began to like the idea of an over-the-top, almost biblical representation of the villain in this great scene. The lighting and drawing of him here was attempting to convey that on some level.

As for the technical challenges of the piece, I drew the original at actual size, 24x36", which is much larger than I usually work. In addition, I had to keep my colors simpler than usual, as it was going to be printed in no more than 7 layers. (Thank god someone else handled that part).

If you haven't seen the series that this poster is a part of, check out the Mondo Tees website and follow the links to see. There's some pretty awesome works in there. My poster, "Luke's Destiny," went on sale about a month ago with a print run of 360 copies, and sold out in about 20 minutes, which is not that unusual for these prints.

I have a few copies of my own, and have decided to put one up on Ebay. Click here to check it out or to bid!

I hope you enjoyed the post, and have a great week!



josh said...

nice frank! actually like the cool green version the best

Kenneth Hunter said...

I love seeing artist show their process, It is much appreciated. You don't dabble in traditional media any? I never see you post much of that.

Charles George Esperanza said...

I really wish they used a shot like this for the actual scene. this is great.

Anonymous said...

I love your work and perspective, but I think you should have focused more on the darks to make it more dramatic, in a baroque kind of way...in my opinion. But its still all kinds of awesome.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done , looks like it was a fun gig indeed.

Rendez said...

this is great Frank!! I'm always a fan of your compositions and overall approach.

Kenneth Hunter said...

Correction, your sketchbook pages are enough atm.

Tin Salamunic said...

Stunning Piece. Your black and white study reads much better and is graphically stronger, but it still turned out marvelous! :)

Jed said...

Great composition, striking color, wish you had a bigger image posted of this, and the previous two. But looks great!

Griselda Sastrawinata said...

Beautiful poster.

wren said...

Masterful use of geometry - curious to know how much of it was there from the original scene and how much you enhanced/created to fulfill your vision for the poster.

Frank said...

Thanks, everyone!

Wren, it was insanely tough to find proper reference of this angle. I actually found an old Star Wars toy that gave me an idea of what the spire should look like, and a teeny tiny bird's eye of the platform to give me an idea of it's shape, and a blueprint of the whole thing.. and in the end, I basically took all that stuff and used it to make an educated decision on what it would look like.