Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Popgun Vol. 4

Hamburgers for One, an original story I wrote and illustrated a while back, is going to be in print this February in Image Comics' Popgun Vol. 4.

There's a nice write-up on the Comic Book Resources website about the Popgun 4 anthology here.

The following is a quote about my story from the series editor, D.J. Kirkbride:
"'Hamburgers for One' is one of the centerpieces of the book," Kirkbride described of Stockton's contribution. "At 24 pages, it stands on its own and could be a one-shot. Frank has an amazing style, and this one surprised me after his very action-packed and humorous contribution to volume three, 'The Swordsman.' 'Hamburgers,' to me, is a great illustration of pacing. It's all very deliberate, and as a reader and writer myself, I learned a lot from it. A very subtle and interesting character piece with great visuals — Frank knocked it out of the park."

Read the entire article here.

Popgun is a XXL anthology of comics published by Image. It's a super-eclectic mix of different genres and stories that are calibrated to blow your mind. Volume 3 included my story "Swordsman MonsterSlayer: Monster Revenge." I highly recommend it.

Popgun Vol. 4 is available for purchase on February 24, 2010.




Ricardo said...

Very cool, always wanted to see this.

l e d o said...

Man! I dig it. I love the sketchiness in your lines. It gives this sense of subtle action, like you can see the character moving at there own pace. Anyway its cool. And I want to check out the book.

RAWLS said...

Whaa!?! I didn't know you were in volume 4! Hooray, we're popgun buddies! Looks fantastic man, can't wait to see the whole story!

Pen2 said...

In my latest copy of EW magazine there is an illustration by you for the article on novel The Hunger
I would like to know why there is no strings on the compound bow that Katniss is carrying?
Being an avid archery during my younger years and using such a bow this missing part drew my attention instantlly.
Los Angeles CA

Karen said...

Congratulations on your Eisner nomination for "Hamburger for One"! As one of the judges, I can tell you we all found it incredibly poignant.