Monday, December 07, 2009


Hey guys,

A few months ago, I did this cover for Tor. It's for an upcoming mash-up of Tom Sawyer and Zombies. I've read it, and it is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

I'm also doing several interior illustrations for the book in black & white.

Here are a couple of process pieces - the original sketch, which was drawn both in Photoshop and with Sharpie. The "red" colored version is another one I drew that I ended up abandoning.

And in other news, the PRINTS section of my site is now functional. If you want to order something for Christmas, be sure to make your purchase by Monday, December 18th.

Have a great week!



Dominic Bugatto said...

That's awesome. Nice feel.

Kinda prefer the bottom version with more detailing on the zombies and that extra touch of red.

Jelter said...

Looks awesome. He has a lot of character.

Kyle T. Webster said...

This is a winner, and far too much fun. Jealous!

Steve said...

i totally love the bottom version.
top version is great too though, I like the spot light/forced compo. I wish the type was a little more defined, it doesn't read as well on the "N" where the wood texture fades.

Nate Skate said...

You rule!