Monday, November 02, 2009

Nucleus show on Friday -- Originals on display

Hey guys,

This Friday is the opening of Nucleus Gallery's 5 year anniversary show in Alhambra, CA. I have two drawings that will be in the show, and there's a selection of prints of my artwork there for sale as well.

These pieces are from a series I've been working on of Hunter-Gatherers. They're drawn in graphite and colored with watercolor and/or gouache. The computer screen doesn't do them justice, so be sure to swing by the opening and see them in person, if you can.




Alex Mandra said...

Man, I Love your work!

Willem Wynand said...

=) looks great

abey said...

I'm in love with the first but both are very nice, original and simple, as usual! I love the simplicity of images but I tend to complicate mines so.

Francis Vallejo said...

so good!

RAWLS said...

Beautiful work Frank!!! Love your style my friend!

Oliver Dominguez said...

Thats awesome man! Very nice piece's.

Chris said...


Dominic Bugatto said...

Great pieces indeed , reminds of Frazetta's 'pillow book' style illos.

Nicely done.

Frank said...

Thanks, guys! Please go by Nucleus if you're in So. Cal to check them out in person. Then send me an email based critique if you want. I don't mind.

Dom -- I know what you mean. There's definitely some Frazetta influence on these... my women aren't as curvaceous though.


Charles Santoso said...

Hi Frank,
Really nice works here :) I just bought the second piece from Nucleus. Can't wait to seeing it in person soon :D

All the best and thanks for the inspirations!

Best regards,

Tiffany prothero said...

These are beautiful Frank, and humorous. :)I love em!