Friday, February 20, 2009

Cover & Spread - Velo News

Hey guys,

I did this a while back but should be on stands about now. This is a cover and spread I did for Velo News, a cycling magazine.

The book is oversized (10x12") which is always fun. I'm still waiting to receive my copy.

The issue is about the "Tour of California" race which would see the return of three of cycling's greatest athletes' return after their respective breaks from the sport: Basso, Armstrong, and Landis. I must have done a decent job on the likenesses because my friend Erik Petri who follows the sport knew right away who they all were. Thanks Erik!

Anyway, a special request from the art directors on this piece was that the spread be a continuation of the cover, so I had to design it in a way that they would work well together.

After a couple of small changes to the final art, I was given a PDF of the pieces with type in place.

Thanks to the AD on the project, Mike Reisel, for being so easy-going on this.


Steve said...

really awesome Frank, I like the concept you had with dealing with the wrap around cover; having the back page be an image of the riders infront looking back.
I think my favorite part of it is the deep warm clouds of smoke/haze/dirt whatever and how their feet and tires are fading into it. I dont know if I care for the sun rays coming through the clouds, but thats just my opinion. overall epiccccc ;x

Do Yeah Media said...

amazing likeness Frank, love the combination warm oranges and blues in the background, really makes their faces pop. awesome work sir!

Aaron Rossell said...


George Cwirko-Godycki said...

your blog recentyl has just been amazing, great stuff

Josef Knoll said...

wow glad i found ur blog! awesome work!

Jed said...

A lot to like here! This is some of your best color. Great light, great composition, especially considering the challenge of joining the two images together and making sure they work on their own. I like the way you've simplified the mountains and the clouds of dust into shapes. They work as nice design elements.

Also drawing those weird bike helmets accurately looks like a bitch, and you did a great job.

It's also hard (for me) to draw a face head on in an action scene and have it look plausible, and you totally nailed it.

Great work!

You said you might do a blog entry about doing figures from your imagination? I think I could really benefit from what you might have to say on that score.