Wednesday, January 21, 2009

day 17

This is my work from yesterday...

I made some changes to the Tiger's head, I like it much better now. Also, I continued flatting and played around a bit with colors.

Also, here's another drawing I started. Will keep you updated!



iwasink said...

You sir, are on a roll!
Really liking these constant updates.
Keep it up!


seajay said...

keep posting! i enjoy distracting myself when i should be drawing... wait, i just realized you’re like a reality tv show, except its once a day instead of once a week. and i actually thoroughly enjoy watching your reality show(of progress).

nascentideas said...

Hi Frank, what size are you drawing this at? Looks like A1 from the photo.

Puente / Bridget said...

What an incredible New Year's resolution...its been fantastic to watch the evolution of this work. Such an engaging blog...please don't stop after the 30 days is up!