Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Hey guys, it's great to be back in New York! Things have been totally hectic since I returned--work kinda piled up a bit in addition to me trying to get stuff packed up to move to a new apartment in Greenwich Village (finally, my OWN place!).

Anyway, my trip to California was awesome! Since becoming "grown up" and moving all by myself to the east coast, finding time to just hang out with my family has been more and more rare and special.

I would also like to say "thanks" to all the folks who came to watch me speak in Jim Salvati's class at Art Center last Tuesday. It was definitely an exciting experience to come back to where I used to walk the halls and get the chance to show off some of my work and tell stories about my life in school and beyond. I hope someone was inspired...

Scientific American

Here's a recent feature I did for Scientific American. Art Director Extraordinaire Lucy Reading hired me to do rough looking illustrations for a story about how people lived in the stone age.

First they asked me to do a portrait drawing of a stone-age man to be used in a photo shoot, which I drew on vintage paper using pencil, watercolor, and a little white gouache. Unfortunately it wasn't used. I planned on doing the final drawings for the other pieces on vintage paper as well, but decided to add that later in Photoshop in case the end result wasn't to my liking.

My impression of the assignment originally was a little bit "History of the World," but things gradually got directed towards something a little bit less cartoonish.

The biggest change to the sketches (which I did in photoshop) was making the ladies a little less-sexy. Oh well!

Thanks for reading,



George Cwirko-Godycki said...

i really like the vintage paper one that they didnt use. its a very sincere sort of face

Raphael Isaacs said...

Awesome as always. No sexy cavegirls...their (and our) loss. However you really use this sketchy line well. Very Kathe Kollwitz-esque.

Dominic Bugatto said...

Sweet pics. Nice drawing all round.

Do Yeah Media said...

amazing linework!

Steve said...

I really dig the way you executed these, they really do feel like cave drawings gg. hope your move went okay! Happy Holidays if I dont say so later!

Francis Vallejo said...

sooooooooooooooooooooo good! love the drawings frank!!!

mike swofford said...

Scientific American is a prestigious assignment, and you have created a great cartoon showing the eternal triangle. I have always felt however that primitive people would not have unkempt hair, as today's most primitive societies are very interested in grooming, almost obsessive, and pomades of one sort or another are easy to obtain from nature. I used to draw with you at Art Center and am proud you have established a career.

-Mike S.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Brilliant drawings!:o)