Monday, September 22, 2008

Party Crashers - Update

Hey guys,

This is a recent piece for a first-time client, Fast Company and the fabulous art director Henry Yung. The piece is about big corporations jumping on the hi-tech band wagon without really knowing what it's all about (i.e. myspace, twitter, facebook, etc.)

This was one of those rare cases when the AD gave me a PDF of the layout that I could compose my illustration within. I'll try to get a screen grab of the image on the printed page if it's ok with Fast Company.

By the way, I'm trying to come up with some blog ideas besides just assignments I've been working on from time to time. If anyone has a suggestion of what they would like me to blog about, let me know either in the comments section or by sending me an email if you are the shy type.


Juan Santapau said...

Perhaps a look at your tools/workplace? (I'm not sure if you have done that previously)
As usual, the comments on art direction guides are very interesting.
Thanks for showing your work this way! It's inspiring.

Diantres said...

is embarrassing to many artists, but can you show some old drawings? to see how your lines has evolved.
oh and suggestions of little know artists that inspired you.

(sorry for my bad English)


Patrick said...

Long time reader, first time commenting. Your work is amazing and I love how you discuss your ideas and projects, however maybe a look into how you color these? do you use digital or traditional?


Sasha Pokhvalin said...

I like your blog the way it is. Simple and interesting to read. I'd like to see more WIPs but well, who doesn't?

Also I'd like to see more of your personal work. It'd be nice to know what Frank Stockton's drawing for himself, if he do.

Ismail said...

Hellow ... you're blog has been on my google reader since the first time I saw it ! as a beginner, I would like to know more about your work process, your inspirations, your point of view on how beginners should evolve ? ... actually, all what you can teach us is worth it :) ... Cheers !

M said...

What everyone else said, plus:

more sketchbook stuff
more natural media stuff
post some older work too that we haven't seen
more advice


Kyle T. Webster said...

Like the head and the elbow breaking out of the frame. Nice concept with the glasses, as well - subtle and effective way of explaining the whole gist of the story.

Jon Han said...

where do i get the glasses?

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

i love this one! i'd like to see more nude figure drawingss

M said...

Oh yes and more comics, old and new! And when will we see hamburgers for one published?

Francis Vallejo said...

It would be very interesting for you to talk about the inspirations for each piece. What artists you were looking at etc..!!

John Lee said...

Also, perhaps more of your takes on formal elements (like in the KatrinaTexas post about building up value structures in one panel of a comic to reinforce reader 'flow'). The nitty gritty stuff.

This illustration made me laugh. I've thought about how strange it must be for the directors behind "guerrilla" advertising to report back to the higher-ups.

"Well, you see... kids like to paste images.. On walls? OK so, we should like, paste images of playstations on walls! Legally, of course."

Sam Bosma said...

This is hysterical, Frank. I've been thinking about this topic for awhile, and you really nailed it.

Do Yeah Media said...

hope it's not too late to suggest future blog topics, but i found your 'Social Qualified' comic hilarious, it'd be cool to see more of your personal comic strips and things.

also, i've read in interviews that you initially worked really hard to be an editorial illustrator, it'd be awesome to see how you got your first 'big break'.

cheers once again!